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About Us

Our Mission

The mission of Five Strong Foundation is to empower individuals with developmental disabilities through athletics, camaraderie and inclusion.

Our Story

The Five Strong Foundation was founded in 2015 by a group of young professionals who saw an opportunity to bring more athletic participation and exposure to the developmentally disabled community. Through Five Strong’s annual Columbus Derby Day fundraiser, money is raised to help support the mission. Initially, the main beneficiary was a local Special Olympics team who used the funds to travel and allow the athletes to participate in experiences they otherwise would not. In 2017, Five Strong Foundation shifted focus toward something the Board always wanted to do – set up and run their own sports camps. The Special Skills Sports Camps are held throughout the year and were attended by participants from around the state of Ohio. In 2017, there were three Special Skills Sports camps that were attended by over 600 athlete participants at no cost to them.

Our Columbus Team

Zach Bertke

Clayton Davis

Brett Hatcher

John Underman

Pete Wittmann

CJ Jackson